Monday, November 16, 2009

Things You Can Find At The Beach

The past 3 days, my family and I have been on vacation in Port Dickson. I know, school hasn't quite ended yet but my mom already booked an apartment there. The apartment itself is owned by the company my mom works for and they rent it out at a much cheaper rate to company employees.

We left for PD around noon on Saturday so I managed to recover from the intensive rugby practice the previous day. The journey there was a bit gloomy, being rainy and all. When we got there, we had lunch, unpacked, watched a bit of TV, had snack and by 6 p.m., the rain had stopped so we swung by the beach. We didn't go into the water. Yet. Hehe. I took pictures of some things you can find on the beach. A few interesting things.

That night, Abah, Akid & I watched a rugby game. France against South Africa. It was an awesome game! Hehe. South Africa played rough but Chabal was awesome! Hehe. Once they put him on in the second half, he was tackling like crazy. It was fun watching him. I was a bit dissapointed to see Habana playing rough. But he was fast.

We woke up early the next morning to catch an All Blacks game. It was so awesome watching them play. Unfortunately, we only watched till half-time because we wanted to go to the beach. I took even more pictures this time. We sat in the water and 'caught' some waves. Hehe. It was a lot of fun! After that, Abah & I jogged a bit along the beach. Phew! That was tiring.

Then we went up, had lunch and cooled off a bit. Abah took a nap. Around 5 or so, we went out and drove around, looking for somewhere to visit. We finally found the entrance to Tanjung Rachado but found out we had to hike up to the lighthouse itself. Bummer. Afterwards, we bought a few supplies at a nearby store and retreated to our rented apartment for the day.

That night, we watched 'Mahathir' on the History Channel. It was a really interesting documentary. My whole family was glued to the the screen. Anybody else watched it? I really liked it.

The next day we checked out and got a haircut at Subang Parade. Hehe. I'm not sporting any new hairdo. Well, not really. Sorry to dissapoint.

By the way, I've uploaded the pictures on Facebook.

That's pretty much the story for today. Au revoir.

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