Sunday, November 1, 2009

No More Exams! (Sort Of)

The exams are finally over! Woohoo!!! Well, mostly. Next Monday is just EST & Civic.

This is just some post I've been working on. I recently got a mountain bike for my birthday -- apparently its a downhill bike -- and it really spurred my budding interest in mountain bikes. So my goal is to try out a mountain bike course. The one is Sek. 13 looks really cool. I heard there's one in Putrajaya. Oh well.

I've looked up videos of downhill mtb and it looks AWESOME!! Dangerous but I think I'd enjoy it. I did some digging around the internet and apparently these people wear some serious armor. Those things are going to be expensive... Ah well, people can dream, can't they?

So, here is my post-exam goal/wishlist. Haha.
  1. Go mountain biking. Either downhill or just the regular trail, I'm fine either way but considering my lack of armor and the kind of falls downhill guys take, I'll stick to the trails.
  2. Get a helmet. A full face helmet. Kinda like the MotoX helmets. Look it up. They're cool. If I do get to achieve #1, I'll have an excuse. Muahaha.
  3. Get some armor. Or pads. Downhill racing stuff. Maybe FOX Racing. Pro-tec looks good too. This one however, is if I do manage to tryout some DH (downhill) courses.
  4. Goggles! This isn't important either as I already have a really cool pair of Oakley Flak Jacket cycling shades anyway. But they look cool! And they'll look even cooler with the full face helmet and the full face helmet will make the goggles look even cooler! Haha. I need to cut down on the sugar, huh?
  5. Upgrade forks -- forks are also referred to as front shocks. Go for the full blown DH forks. They look cool! But considering I'll be slicking around town, this isn't top priority and it's being pushed to the bottom of the wishlist. Sorry #4. Wait, why am I apologising? See? Exams fried my brain cells. Oh well. Now I can claim the 'disabled' status. Haha. Kidding.
Anyway, here are some pictures;

Today my mod math tuition class had a barbeque to celebrate both end of the exams and as a gathering as our class for the year has ended. It was FUN! We all took turns fanning the grill, putting the various food items on it, listening to music, joking around.

Everyone enjoyed themselves. Cleaning up was kind of fun too. I mean, it wasn't draggy and difficult so I guess that counts as fun. I liked grilling the various foods and after a while, the fire got really hard to control. We were fanning it like crazy to keep the flame down. Yati & I were like "soon we'll have biceps. Quick, change hands so that both arms will have biceps." We had a really good time.

Ooh! And the BluRay Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen & Ice Age 3: Dawn of the dinosaurs we ordered from Amazon are here! Haha.

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