Thursday, November 26, 2009

Late-Night Runabout.

It's the eve before Eid il Adha and our washing area is flooded. A pipe connected to the washing machine completed broke off and the water was pouring all over the place. My mom came downstairs to find my maid practically soaked.

My mom was very upset because she didn't say anything despite the severity of the situation. My mom was going "if I didn't come down to check on the apple pie, things would be floating down here," and Abah tried to separate two components but the part that was originally part of the tap completely shattered when he put a plier around it. And it wasn't because my dad applied to much pressure, the metal was brittle. I could literally break it in two with my hands.

So, Abah & I went out to but the needed components. We rushed to Mydin and then to Giant because Mydin didn't have the tap head. That was tiring. Not to mention stressful. By the way, that is one of the few times you will see me outside wearing slippers -- besides to Friday prayers.

I have to wake up early tomorrow so I'm turning in now.


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syazzone said...

oh well. atleast, u have something happening at ur house. im talking about the pipe. haha.XD